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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

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We’ve seen fender bender car accidents, and we’ve also seen a total tragedy. Whether you have experienced one of these or in between, you need the help of an experienced law firm for your car accident claims. The best one is found on this page: lacaccidentpros.org Los Angeles Car Accident Pros, as the name speaks for itself, is the most expert law firm to handle car accident cases. Decades of experience in the field on personal injury cases and workers’ compensation assures you that you would be hiring only the most competent lawyers.

Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Los Angele showed that vehicular accidents remain to be one of the top most alarming public concerns. One car accidents do not only affect or damage one’s property but could result to a series of major problems. Fender bender or a minor bump in the car could be reimbursed by paying for the expenses incurred to repair the car. But injuries both in the physical body and the mind of the victim could not be well approximated. Imagine being a victim of a car crash, the trauma it brings. Psychological problems such as phobia in driving again could develop. The fear of going back to the street with the possibility of getting hit by another car could not be compensated by a small amount of cash. Series of medications and recovery program have to be undergone in order to recover. As a victim, your physical, mental and psychological aspects are not only damaged, but as well as your financial wallet. The working days forgone to attend this program and consultation could also mean a diminution in your salary. Injured body, trauma, stress and a thinning wallet: you don’t deserve these. Hire the best Los Angeles car accident attorney to fight for your rights.

Los Angeles Car Accident Pros could be your best friend. They understand the situation you’re going through. Experience from clients assures you that they have compassionate heart and aggressive minds to make sure that you get what you deserve. Ethical values and quality work are what they uphold. You are their top most priority. No more sulking in problems, it’s time for you to win the battle. For more information on the kind of service they provide, and the basic knowledge you need to know about car accidents cases, don’t hesitate to visit them at lacaccidentpros.org.

Dealing with a DUI Arrest


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There may be times when you figure yourself in a situation where you need to drive yourself home after a party or a night out in a bar after you have a few drinks. And it may lead to a situation when you get pulled over and the DUI police officer confiscates your license. If this happens to you for the first time, and you have no experience with this kind of things, it is better to seek the advice of DUI attorney in Los Angeles.

And on this site, you can get legal advice on how to go about with a DUI arrest and how to handle different types of scenarios. You will learn more about your case and what needs to be done so you can sort things out and manage your situation with the least possible repercussions on your part.

You should learn about your rights when you get arrested. When your DMV license gets confiscated, you will be issued a temporary license. You have to file for a DMV hearing within 10 calendar days from the date your license was confiscated. If you fail to do so, your temporary license which was issued to you during your arrest will expire and your driver’s license will be suspended. If you do not know about this, you forfeit your right to a hearing and you will receive a maximum license suspension. For a first time DUI offender, this has duration of six months. For second time offenders arrested within ten years from the first offense, the penalty is one year mandatory suspension. Having an experienced DUI attorney representing you at your DMV hearing will give you a fair chance at commuting your penalty and avoiding a lengthy driver’s license suspension.

A good lawyer can help you qualify for a restricted license. You can do so if you have not had three DUI arrests in the past ten years. You must submit yourself to a chemical test. It is also important that your driver’s license was not suspended or revoked during the time of your DUI arrest. Your lawyer will advise you to apply for restricted license within 30 days from the day your license was confiscated. You should pay $125 for your license to be reinstated. You should be able to provide proof that you have enrolled in a DUI first offender program. Filing the legal documents can be cumbersome. But with the help of tour DUI lawyer, you can be sure that you will be able to file all the right documents at the right time.